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use pharmacist in a sentence.

As a pharmacist, I approve this comment!

Why is a pharmacist counseling patients?

What is your favorite sci-fi story involving a pharmacist?

There's a lot of comments from real pharmacists here:

You seriously think anyone on Hacker News would consider a career as a pharmacist?

Did you know that Apotheker is the dutch word for Pharmacist?

So are they going to tell the pharmacies that the pharmacists are lying?

Should I also check the medicine I get from my pharmacist for myself?

You should show it to a pharmacist.

That's kind of insulting to all the pharmacists that help keep people healthy worldwide, don't you think?

You can still buy it; it's just behind the counter at the pharmacist and they copy your drivers license number when you buy it.

His story(second part) gives an example of a robotic system that did the work previously done by 50 pharmacists.

But was he a pharmacist that could code, or a programmer who showed up one day and said, hey, need any programs?

One place we could start is to create an over supply of medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses and medical researchers to reduce the cost of healthcare.

How's this for the actual discussion: There have been cases of people dying because the pharmacist misread the doctor's scribbles and gave them the wrong prescription.

I've found pharmacists to be perfectly knowledgeable at large chain stores.

From wikipedia:"In their traditional role, pharmacists typically take a request for medicines from a prescribing health care provider in the form of a medical prescription and dispense the medication to the patient and counsel them on the proper use and adverse effects of that medication.

Even at chain stores in the US, one of the people behind the counter is a pharmacist who went to grad school for five years studying this stuff.

Actual pharmacists are very knowledgeable about the drugs that they give out, in some cases more so than the doctors prescribing them (as many doctors will readily tell you).

I assume you mean this one: Before installing the robot, UCSF needed about half of its more than 100 on-staff pharmacists to administer and check the drugs going out to patients on the floor; now nearly all have been reassigned to different parts of the hospital, where they make IVs, help adjust patients' drug regimens, and perform other tasks that had been neglected when they were simply filling prescriptionsAs mentioned there, and later in the article, the pharmacists (and I'm not entirely convinced that they were all pharmacists, as opposed to pharmacist technicians) were freed from their mundane, pill-counting tasks and put out on the floor of the hospital to monitor and "fine-tune" patients' drug regimens.

The article basically lays out how pharmacists had jobs which were largely filled with extremely repetitive tasks -- billing, prescription input, pill counting -- and less of what they're important for, which is counseling patients.


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